The Generous Steward Resources
Helping your hands touch God's world
In addition to the standard Salt and Ventures ELCA workshops, I can also lead any of the following workshop components in combinations as day-long, (9:30-3:30), events. However, I can also do them as discrete units as part of larger events that include other presenters.

Cultivating Generosity [Powerpoint Presentation]
Version with notes

This workshop (two hour to full day versions) provides a brief introduction to Bowen Organic Systems Theory as a tool for addressing the importance of a wholistic approach to nurturing the health of a congregation and its members and how this affects the topic of generosity.  Utilizing case studies, group activities and a short video this workshop serves as the basic introduction to The Cultivating Generosity Initiative. Therefore, a brief overview of that initiative is included.

Discovering Abundance
is a values clarification workshop that leads participants through a process of making decisions about the relationship of faith and money in their lives so that they can experience the joy of generous giving.

Generations of Generosity
is about giving and generational theory.

Ask, Thank, Tell
is a "stewardship as discipleship" approach to a year-round focus on stewardship that also teaches the 8 approaches to doing an annual campaign.

Stewardship in the Smaller Membership Congregation
is specifically tailored to the needs of churches with memberships of under 150.

The Pastor's Role in Stewardship Development
is focused on matters such as preaching and teaching the theology of stewardship as well as issues of a more personal financial nature that may at times detract from the "non-anxious presence" which is essential to constructive discussion of financial matters in the church.

Stewardship of Church Property
is focused on how the church's property is an endowment, quite often literally entrusted to the present generation by members of previous generations. It will either be an instrument of realizing the ministry vision of the church or it will become an impediment to that realization, depending on how it is viewed and managed.